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USA, November 2020


November saw the highest U.S. voter turn-out in 120 years. An estimated 239 million people were eligible to vote in the presidential election, of which almost 160 million exercise their right. This makes for a turnout of 66.9%, the highest since 1900, which recorded a 73.7% turnout.

The last presidential election, in 2016, saw a significantly lower turnout, at 56%, while the 2008 election which led to Obama’s first victory recorded a 58% turnout.

The results, of course, led to a victory for the Democratic party, with Joe Biden winning the election with a result of 306 to 232 electoral college votes.

As it became clear that the votes were heavily in Biden’s favor, streets across America erupted in celebration, all the while respecting the social distancing rules. Ellie Rushing, a reporter for The Philadelphia Inquirer, captured a now-viral video of one Philadelphia neighborhood congregating on their doorsteps and dancing to “I’m Coming Out, by Diana Ross, a passing car beeping in support.

It just felt really symbolic that the Philly [vote] drop put Biden over”, said Brooke O’Harra, who worked tirelessly to “educate voters and help local campaigns” in the lead up to the election. She hosted the spontaneous block party with Sharon Hayes and their daughter, Alice.