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USA, July 2020


After three years of carrying oil through sacred indigenous land - despite highly-publicized, celebrity-endorsed protests - the Dakota Access Pipeline is being closed indefinitely.

On July 6th, the Federal Judge ordered the operators to empty and shut the pipeline down while the structure is pending an environmental review. Our fingers are crossed that the judge will rule for a permanent shut down.

This news is made even sweeter by the canceled construction of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline, which would have transported fracked natural gas below the Appalachian Trail. The project had also faced opposition from environmental groups for almost six years.

The announcement is a success not just for the wellbeing of the planet, but for the local indigenous communities, too. The pipeline ran through the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Reservation and other Indigenous sites, and besides being a desecration to their land, it also threatened the safety of their local drinking water.

With racial issues coming to the forefront of conversation in 2020, it sends a powerful message that the trampling and desecration of native land will not be tolerated.” Today’s ruling is a testament to the perseverance of the Standing Rock Sioux”, says Sierra Club Associate Director, Catherine Collentine. “They have refused to give up the fight to protect their water from this dirty oil pipeline”.