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Los Angeles, USA, April 2021

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti is seeking approval to commit $24 million of the 2022 budget to implementing $1,000 monthly payments for 2,000 low-income families in the city.

Following a successful trial in Stockton, Los Angeles hopes to adopt the program, becoming the largest city in the U.S. offering a guaranteed income program to poor residents.

The recipients will be selected from across the city’s 15 districts, particularly targeting families with at least one minor. The distribution will be determined according to the proportion of residents living below the poverty line -- which is one in five, in Los Angeles -- as a measure to address the financial struggles augmented by the pandemic.

“How many decades are we going to keep fighting a war on poverty with the same old results,” says Garcetti. “This is one of the cheapest insertions of resources to permanently change people’s lives.”