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During a recent expedition in the Bolivian jungles, field guides spotted the Devil-Eyed Frog and the Satyr Butterfly for the first time in a century!

The discovery was made only 30 miles away from La Paz, the capital city. Researches from Conservation International began a Rapid Assessment Program (RAP), high in the Andean cloud forest, scouting for new insect species. After the two-week expedition, they found themselves with quite a lot more than they bargained for, including the 10mm-long lilliputian frog, two metalmark butterflies, the adder’s mouth orchid, and a new species of pit viper.

In an interview with the guardian, the RAP noted that they weren’t expecting to discover any vertebrate species, making the frog and viper a particularly exciting find.

“What’s so amazing is that you could hear the distinctive call of the little frog throughout the forest, but you get close and they stop calling,” said Trond Larsen of Conservation International. “Trying to spot it when it’s not making a sound and is hidden in the moss was a tremendous task.”

This amazing biodiversity is a clear sign that there is still hope for saving species and protecting all of Earth’s precious ecosystems. Where there’s a will, there’s a way!