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USA, September 2020


People of the internet have come to recognize a new annual holiday - September 21st, the date mentioned in the very first line of the iconic Earth Wind And Fire song, “September”.

It all started when Demi Adejuyigbe posted a video to his YouTube channel, with an edit of the song that only included the September 21st line, over and over. The LA-based comedian dances around the room sporting pair of sunglasses and a white t-shirt with the date emblazoned on the front, and “That’s Today” printed on the back.

The production got bigger and bigger every year, growing a cult following. One YouTube commenter went so far as to say it’s “The only thing I look forward to every year”.

Adejuyigbe says, “one of the nicest things about doing this September videos is using the attention as an opportunity to raise money for organizations whose goals I want to champion”.

In 2020, the donations were split between five organizations from which the donors could choose where to allocate their dollars, as they worked towards his goal of raising $50,000. If they succeeded, he would continue the September 21 tradition in 2021.

Well, folks, we can’t wait to see how he outdoes himself this year, as he actually raised over six times his goal - over $300,000! That amount ought to light a (Earth, Wind) & Fire in his belly to go above and beyond!