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England, April 2020

A British war veteran had high hopes for raising £1,000 by completing 100 laps of his garden in Bedfordshire before his 100th birthday. Little did he know that he would blast his goal out of the water, and become a national icon. Captain Tom Moore reached the £30 million mark in April, raising funds for the British National Health Service (NHS) with the help of over 1.5 million supporters.

The captain set out on his venture as a way to thank the “magnificent” NHS staff who provided his treatment for cancer and a broken hip. With the help of his trusty walking frame, he planned to walk the 25-meter loop of his garden 100 times over, in 10-lap bursts, by April 30.

He completed the challenge ahead of time on 17th April, when the amount raised reached £17 million, which was confirmed as the largest total ever raised for a JustGiving campaign, and certainly the fastest. By April 30th, when the campaign closed, Capt. Tom had raised over 30,000 times as much as he had originally intended!

Beyond the great financial support he generated for the NHS, Captain Tom Moore touched the hearts of many, and lifted the spirits of the nation in showing what a little self-belief, courage, and a whole lot of kindness can do.